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          Hello, welcome to Jingzhou Xinxiangrui Chemical Co. Ltd.!


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          Address: No. 155 East Jiangjin Road, Jingzhou
          Calcium chloride

          Calcium chloride

          Chinese name

          Calcium chloride

          English name

          Calcium chloride

          Chinese alias

          Calcium chloride; calcium chloride (liquid); anhydrous calcium chloride; calcium chloride (anhydrous); calcium chloride (medicinal); anhydrous calcium chloride

          CAS RN




          Molecular formula


          Molecular weight


          Product use:

          1: all walks of life manufacturing desiccant.

          2: refined calcium chloride can be used in food, electronics, leather industry, production of acrylic resin, in the process of organic chemical production, evaporation of petroleum, ether alcohol as a transfer agent.

          3: Road, parking lot, airport winter snow removal.

          4: control of dust, dust, dust

          5: oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid, petrochemical water removal agent.

          6: latex coagulation agent in rubber industry.

          7: ferrous metallurgical industry as chlorinating agent and additive.

          8: paper industry additives (increase the strength of paper)

          9: the construction industry early strength agent (increase the strength of concrete, the production of coatings coagulant)

          10: inorganic chemical raw materials and chemical industrial sulfate removal agent, coagulant of sodium alginate.

          11: refrigeration industry for refrigeration, cooling solution and process gas and liquid medium for air-conditioning systems

          12: for the prevention of wheat, apples, cabbage and other decay diseases and food preservatives.


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          Jingzhou Xinxiangrui Chemical Co. Ltd.
          Contact: Fan General, Tel:+86-716-8618299
          Address: No. 155 East Jiangjin Road, Jingzhou

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